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EFNEP is a part of the Nutrition Program of Cornell Cooperative Extension


EFNEP is a part of the Nutrition Program of Cornell Cooperative Extension. It is dedicated to helping limited income families learn more about:

-Feeding families healthy meals

-Cooking low cost meals

-Smart food shopping

-Food safety

-Understanding food labels

-Utilizing food resources and services within the community.
-Physical Activities

CCE nutrition educators provide the latest and most up to date nutritional information. EFNEP assists participants to acquire knowledge and skills to change attitudes and behavior necessary to improve diet, health and general well being. Every EFNEP graduate receives a certificate of completion. Classes are taught in English and Spanish to groups at various community sites. The Nutrition Educators continually strive to help residents recognize the value of good food and nutrition and make food safety habit forming.

Our Program Community groups, including public libraries, shelters, food pantries, churches, independent living facilities, wellness centers, ESL and GED program facilities and schools seeking more information about our Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program can call Lucy Diaz or Dulce Alvarado at 914-285-4620.

Last updated August 16, 2022