Peabody Preserve

Peabody Preserve

Butterfly on coneflower

Butterfly on coneflower

Timely Tips

By Kim Kleman
Master Gardener Volunteer with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Westchester County

January 17

Perennials: Check plantings installed last year for frost heaving. Frost heaving can push shallow-rooted plants or those that are not yet established out of the ground. If this happens, cover the roots with mulch to prevent them from drying out, and replant them as soon as possible.

Flowers: For an early shot of spring,continue to plant bulbs to force indoors.

Fruits and Vegetables: If trees have grown substantially and the vegetable garden no longer has at least six hours of sun during the day, consider other uses for the site. Consider an herb bed in small sunny areas. This lends itself to many creative designs. Some possibilities include using bricks or stones, a small sculpture or a container to form a focal point.

Trees and Shrubs: Take a tour of the winter garden, getting to know the trees by their overall shape, twigs, bark and buds.

Lawns:Well, no work here yet! But if you didn’t get around to getting the mower tuned up or sharpening the blade, beat the spring rush and do those tasks now.

Houseplants: Periodically dust the leaves of plants with smooth, large leaves like ficus and philodendron so they use light efficiently. In a sink, wipe them with a wet sponge or rinse them with a fine spray of tepid water.

General: Do you garden with children? Don’t miss this Cornell Cooperative Extension of Westchester Home Gardening Lecture: “Developing a Green Thumb.”

Wednesday, Jan. 26 from 10 to 11 am, remote on Zoom.

Speaker: Carolyn Ramsey, Master Gardener Volunteer, who teaches in school gardens and loves introducing beginning gardeners to the world of plants. This virtual session costs $5 and the whole series, capped off with an in-person tour, is $40. (Individual webinars are $5 each, and the tour is $20.00). For more information, contact CCE at 914-285-3590 or email Check out the brochure at 2022 Home Gardening Lecture Series


Amy Albam
Horticulture Educator/Master Gardener Program Coordinator

Last updated January 18, 2022