Take the Sting Out of Fall. How to Manage Stinging Insects Around the Home

Bees, wasps and hornets are ecologically valuable insects that provide pollination services and/or natural control of pest populations. However, the presence of these stinging insects near homes and schools can represent a health threat.

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Avoiding and Managing Ticks around the Home

Lyme disease is the most common arthropod-borne pathogen in the United States, with approximately 30,000 cases reported each year. The risk of acquiring a tick-borne disease is very high in the Hudson Valley, as new threats continue to emerge.

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Home Invasion: The Story of Overwintering Pests

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is a notorious overwintering pest that enters homes in the fall and emerges in the spring. Although these pests do not cause damage to the house, their presence is unwanted.

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Cooperative Extension helps build strong and vibrant family, consumer and professional communities in Westchester County.


Horticulture Program

Learn about the many resources to help residents have more successful lawns and gardens in Westchester County.

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Learn About 4-H

Our 4-H Programs are open to all youth aged 5-to-19, who want to have fun, learn new skills, and explore the world. Find out what 4-H can offer you and your family!

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Choose MyPlate

MyPlate is the new USDA food guide tool to help people make wise food choices within food and calorie limits. Use their SuperTracker free online tool to track your food and activities.

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Healthy Recipes

Find delicious recipes that your family will enjoy, from among those we use in our own nutrition classes.

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Lost ladybug

The Lost Ladybug Project - K-4th Grade

Welcome to the Lost Ladybug Project Across North America ladybug species composition is changing. Over the past twenty years native ladybugs that were once very common have become extremely rare. During this same time ladybugs from other parts of

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Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners are an important volunteer group that support outreach efforts of CCE Westchester County. Learn more here.

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Last updated June 16, 2016