Spotted Lanternfly has been found in New York State

Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lanternfly damages apples, hops, grapes & forest products.

Spotted lanternfly


Spotted Lanternfly: Current Status in New York State

  • Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

We are being invaded!

The non-native Spotted Lanternfly can be found in Rockland County, Manhattan and on the boarder of Westchester and Connecticut.We must stay vigilant as this pest makes its way into Westchester County.These plant hoppers are known to feed on major agriculture crops such as grapes, apples, hops, blueberries and stone fruits causing crop loss.

This program will look at the morphology of SLF and key characteristics on how to identify this invasive pest. The insects life cycle in the state of New York will also be discussed.

The preferred hosts will be discussed but these pesky insects don’t need them to complete their lifecycle! SLF are also great hitchhikers and move through rail corridors and car travel with ease, making them easily movable without even noticing.They also pick some highly unusual places to lay their camouflaged eggs!

By the end of the program you will know how to properly report SLF to New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets through the email address and other department reporting tools will be explained. Current environmental and chemical treatments for Spotted Lanternfly will be discussed as well as the IPM practices that may be available for use with plant hoppers.


Michael Formichelli, Horticultural Inspector-1 for NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

Brian Eshenaur, Senor Extension Associate at NYS Integrated Pest Management Program

Continuing Education Credits-

This presentation will be worth 1 credit for DEC pesticide licenses in categories 3a, 10 and 25.ISA credits for this presentation include CertifiedArborist-1, BCMA– Science: 0.5, TW Climber Specialist:1, BCMA-Practice: 0.5, TW Aerial Lift Specialist: 1, and Municipal Specialist: 1.

For credits, please make sure to enter this program at least 15 minutes early to begin the check in process.To receive credit; you must have your camera turned on the entire session, answer the polling questions throughout and check out at the end of the presentation.



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Last updated March 24, 2021